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Celebrating Youth! - Performers

Black Star Drum Line Performance Group
Black Star Drum Line, famous for their “street beats”, has done over 400 performances in the Madison and surrounding area since the program began in 2008 and 50 performances in 2013. The group also showcases talented dancers, singers, rappers, and local performers from the Madison area. In 2013, the Black Star Drum Line released their 2nd full-length CD and their second music video "Slam" on You Tube. Make sure to catch this Black Star Drum Line performance. You will definitely be impressed by the skill of these young performing artists!

The Black Star Drum Line not only teach skills in music, fine arts, and visual media, it also creates progressive models of leadership, building discipline and teamwork skills for all who participate.

Boliviamanta Dance Wisconsin -
Boliviamanta Dance Group was founded June 12, 2006.  In Quechua, Boliviamanta means “made in Bolivia” or “from Bolivia.”  The group was formed with the mission to share Bolivian culture with future generations.  The costumes are imported from Bolivia as well as designed and hand made by the Director and co-founder, Cecilia Miranda, whose personal goal and interest is to provide the dancers with a way to build self-esteem and to re-live Bolivian traditions by way of dancing.

Boliviamanta Dance strives on helping children build self-esteem by donating their time focusing on dancing thus expressing their inner beauty and talent to later become leaders themselves, we volunteer our performances in various community events.  There is no charge for the lessons or the costumes thus any donations received are directed to acquiring new wardrobes.

Cashel Dennehy School of Irish Dance -
Cashel Dennehy School of Irish Dance is a family-centered dance school, offering lessons to boys and girls of all abilities, ages 3 and up. We believe in promoting the love and culture of Irish dance with our students and within the community.

Our primary goal is to provide a safe and friendly atmosphere that nurtures dancers as they learn. Students gain self-confidence as they master new steps; they also develop poise and self-discipline. As classes progress, dancers are encouraged to improve their skills; they are challenged to perform to the best of their ability. Caring and well-respected teachers at Cashel Dennehy recognize that each dancer is unique; students are encouraged to develop their individual talents and abilities in a supportive and respectful environment.

Gabe Burdulis
Gabe has participated in various music venues throughout Madison. He has been recognized by MAMAs (Madison Area Music Association) as an upcoming youth musician to watch for and won the State Line’s Got Talent competition in 2013. He is here today to showcase that the Madison music scene has a strong youth movement.

Hip Hop 360
The Hip Hop 360 program is designed to get youth involved and inspires them thru the lessons and history of Hip Hop; at the same time it teaches them basic skills that are necessary to advance in the world of Hip Hop.

Everybody can’t be the star but with a little help and a lot of teaching everyone will benefit and advance in this business in their own personal way, and at the end of the day, they will get the best out of the experience.

Kanopy Dance -
Kanopy Academy for Contemporary Dance and Choreography nurtures creativity and technical skill, offering classes in modern, ballet, choreography, and more. Faculty encourage students’’ natural abilities in organizing and expressing creative ideas. Instruction focuses on student-created choreography and creative problem solving through group effort and individual growth. Advanced students in Kanopy’s Company Two may apprentice with the professional Company. Graduates have earned scholarships to acclaimed programs including Lines Ballet, Martha Graham, Alvin Ailey, and Pacific Northwest Ballet. Dancers will perform a variety of modern dance works and contemporary dance from its directors and their own choreography.

Kanopy Dance showcases positive youth development through team playing, leadership, self-confidence, physical and creative skills developed through the process of creating and learning dance.

Madison Unicyclists -
Madison Unicyclists are interested in promoting and fostering support and interest in the healthy, wholesome activity of unicycling among youth in the area. Our activities support learning opportunities by providing equipment and instruction in all facets of unicycling and to give public demonstrations of participants and to contribute to the community.

Unicycling is a high interest and inspiring activity because it represents a challenge that can be accomplished with tenacity and deliberate practice. Work on balance and integrating multiple sensory elements increases the ability of the riders to focus. It is particularly engaging for highly active and determined kids. Youth are welcome to drop in at our open sessions at the Goodman Community Center or sign up for an after-school program at Marquette/O’Keefe, Sandburg, and Shorewood Schools. Go to our website, for more details.

Midwest Performing Arts -
Midwest Performing Arts enhances lives through dance by providing each student with a strong technical base while encouraging them to explore creative and artistic thinking and also inspiring them to increase their body movement potential, physical health, and an appreciation of dance as an athletic art form. We have four youth performance groups. The purpose of these groups is to give our students extra opportunities to share their talent with others. These groups learn choreography in a variety of styles and then take what they have learned and perform it for audiences throughout their community.

Midwest Performing Arts provides a professional and encouraging environment in which our students can learn the art of dance while also learning skills needed for a successful life. We believe that introducing and enriching lives in dance is a wonderful gift that will last forever.

PlayTime Productions -
PlayTime Productions began 35 years ago as the Monona Park Players. It incorporated in 1986 as a not-for-profit corporation and adopted the name “PlayTime Productions.” Since then, PTP has presented over 55 productions throughout Dane County. From its inception, the company has featured casts composed exclusively of children. The objective of every production is twofold: to provide opportunities for children to participate in all aspects of theatre production and to create an affordable theatre experience for families with young children. The company rehearses over an eight-week period, which provides ample time for small group instruction and the development of acting, singing, and dancing abilities. Confidence in performing is developed, as well as the usual skills and mechanics of putting a play together. PTP rehearses and prepares for road performances at the Monona Public Library which as served as PTP’s home base since the 1980’s. We will perform a scene from our current production as it is developed under our rehearsal process. The Princess & The Pea performance schedule listed on our website will tour Madison and Dane County in April through mid-May. Auditions for the next play will be announced mid August and will take place in early September.

Our schedule as a touring company involves a different production each fall and spring. One of the unique aspects of PTP is the opportunity it offers to children to perform in different types of venues – from a middle school auditorium in a small town in Dane County to the Overture Center in downtown Madison. Each time PTP casts perform, it will be on a new stage for an audience that is different from the last. This change in venue enhances the children’s versatility and thinking skills as they learn how to adapt to varied space and time constraints.

Suzuki Strings of Madison-
Suzuki Strings of Madison offers children of all ages musical instruction on the violin using the Suzuki method. After an initial observation period, students are assigned a teacher for weekly private lessons. Students also attend group classes once a week. In these classes children continue to develop their technique, learn solo performance skills, and practice ensemble skills by playing their instruments together. In addition, foundations for music reading are introduced through Dalcroze Eurythmics and continued in music theory and note reading classes. Advancing students are offered orchestral and ensemble experiences. Opportunities for community outreach exist through our many public performances. We offer recitals, workshops, parent meetings, and other social events which foster a positive learning environment for families and help students achieve individual, social, and musical growth.

Since 1990, Suzuki Strings of Madison has provided children of all ages quality, comprehensive musical instruction through the violin. By helping to foster a positive environment and working relationships between the teacher, child, and parent, students learn the tools for success and wellbeing that last a lifetime.


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